Amanda Chatel has wanted to be a writer since she composed her first poem "Balloons" when she was seven; a piece that is still framed above her father's desk. In fifth grade, her desire to write was even furthered when she won a state-wide poetry contest about apples, of all things. Amanda continued to write short stories and plays all throughout grammar school and junior high, solidifying her love of writing. 

She went on to the University of New Hampshire to study writing under Pulitzer Prize winning poet Charles Simic. She received her B.A. in English, with a concentration in creative writing and also minored in women's studies. 

Although her work has run the gamut, her primary focus is on first-person essays, as well as sex, sexual health, sex education, and women’s rights. She’s basically that sex positive, feminist sister you wish you had so you could ask her questions about sex toys, vaginas, masturbation, why pizza is the most perfect food, and all that fun stuff.  

Amanda divides her time between New York City, Paris, and Barcelona. 

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